CASTINGS: Clients are encouraged to cast using the digital packages, videos and polaroids provided by modeling agencies. We will request all material that is available, with an emphasis on recent photographs and videos, to ensure that the models cast are the best choice for the job. The alternative option is to book models that have shot for the brand before; that we know will do a great job on set.

CATERING: There is an opportunity here to reduce crew on set, as well as reduce the risk of infection. We proposed an increased fee per crew member to cover individual food costs and invite everyone to bring their own food and snacks on shoot day.

CHILDREN: We will only allow one parent to accompany their child on- set, and only the parent will be allowed to have physical contact with their child, including wardrobe fittings and changes.

CLIENTS: Photographers will transfer files throughout the shoot for client feedback and approval.

CREW: All crew and cast will be required to complete an indemnity form prior to accepting a shoot.

DRIVERS: Where possible only crew members already on-set will drive passenger vans.

FITTINGS: Only essential team members will be present at wardrobe fittings. The approval of wardrobe will be done remotely, making use of video calls and photographs.

GEAR: Gear rental houses will be requested to disinfect all equipment prior to delivery and use.

H&M: Makeup artists will be instructed to disinfect their equipment after each use and before each shoot. Each hair and makeup artist will be equipped with masks and surgical gloves.

LOCATIONS: We will request that no one from the studio or location is present (if possible) and that shoot areas are sanitized beforehand. We suggest that clients formulate their shoot concepts around locations that will minimize all interactions with others, and allow the crew to practice social distancing as best as possible while doing their jobs.

MEDIC: A medical safety officer can be organized if requested.

SANITATION: We will provide hand sanitizer, surgical gloves and face masks to every crew member. There will also be paper towels available and implemented in bathrooms.

TECHNOLOGY: When possible we advise clients to avoid being on-set. Instead, we will facilitate the transfer of all images during the shoot, allowing feedback and approval with minimal delay. We will also be able to set-up a live stream of the shoot with multiple cameras upon request, allowing the client to participate in real-time and oversee the day.